• Ajanta International does not usually in the course of business accept returns/replacements of products that are bought through the website.
  • However, in case You believe that there is a relevant requirement to return the items purchased by you through the Website such as for damaged products or otherwise, you may raise a request for Returns on the Website or by writing to us at [email protected] with all relevant details as indicated herein. Any request for return or replacement will only be entertained if received by us within 12 hours after the delivery has been made.A Photograph of the products you wish to Return to us on email:
  • Original Packaging/ Box of the Products
  • Products tags, MRP label and any other product ancillaries are undetached from the products and are returned as-is
  • In case we deem that there are quality issues with the products that are requested to be returned by you, we or our agents reserve the right to reject the return request and not accept Returns of the Products.
  • Ajanta International may not be able to take back such products which shall be indicated in the Terms and Conditions itself. Return Requests for such products will not be accepted by Ajanta International under any circumstances due to the very nature of such products
  • In case Ajanta International accepts the Returns Request in accordance with the policies as set out hereunder, depending on the nature of the Products or the Request raised by you, you are entitled to Replacement of the products or Refund which shall be completed at the discretion of Ajanta International.
  • Replacement: In case Ajanta International agrees to Replace the Product, Ajanta International shall ensure that the Product which you are returning is replaced with a product that is of the same description as the original product ordered by you, subject to the availability of the Stocks.
  • Refunds: In case Ajanta International agrees to Refund the Purchase Price paid for the products, any amount paid by You for the purposes of the purchase of the Products by You will be refunded to You in accordance with the Refunds Policy.
  • For processing of Returns & Replacements, the following details will be checked by Us or our agents :
    • Invoice which was billed to you on the sales of the Products
    • The Original Products sold to You are returned unused, unaltered, undented, unscratched or otherwise damaged.


In case the Client agrees to the Refund Option on Returns and Cancellations, once we receive your return and it is accepted in accordance with the Returns Policy, we will refund the original Purchase Price of the Products paid by you. The refunds will be processed to your bank account through approved methods of transfer within a period of 15 business days. In case you are not in receipt of your Refund amount within the above specified time, you can get in touch with your Banking services provider or with the Ajanta International International at [email protected] with your order details.